Changing the Way You Move

Ameri Metro changes the way communities move and makes them better by taking on projects that make a difference where people live and work. We accomplish this through excellent infrastructure: making transportation more efficient, improving how goods are received, and creating accessibility to what people need most.


The Sarah Jewel Mathias International Airport (KSJM) and Port of Ostia aerotropolis will revolutionize logistics in the United States. As part of the Mobile Trade and Transportation Corridor there is the opportunity to develop a major new air cargo airport to provide increased capacity for the Southeast USA.

Port De Claudius

Ameri Metro has the developmental rights for a new port (Claudius) in the County of Yuma, Mexico and a trade corridor to be built through the Mexico-Arizona border in coordination with Federal Authorities and agencies to establish a foreign trade zone within Yuma County Arizona and developing business zones and the trade corridor through the region.

Train Expo Center

Ameri Metro has acquired the right to expand the use of high speed trains, through House Resolution 948 of the Georgia House of Representatives, stating that nineteen members of this body express their support of high speed trains and encourage the creation of a high speed rail transit authority for Fulton, Carroll, and Douglas counties

Airport Town Center

An 1,800-acre Airport Business Park is to be built in conjunction with the Sarah Jewel Mathias International Airport (KSJM) and Port Ostia

Porte De Jewel Mexico

The Portus De Jewel Mexico encompasses 176,000 acres of land and water along 26 miles of waterfront. It will feature 40 passenger and 384 cargo terminals, including automobile, breakbulk, container, dry and liquid bulk, multi-use, and warehouse facilities that handle billions of dollars’ worth of cargo each year.


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